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40 nations will challenge. After the great success of the first edition the World Championship of Pastry and Cake Design organized by the International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate is back.

Milan, June 2017. Milan becomes the world capital of pastry: in October opens the World Championship of Pastry and Cake Design. 40 nations from all over the world, 160 pastry chefs ready to challenge in shots of custard, sugar and chocolate, three specialties to face up with, which will test the skills, fantasy and creativity of the teams that will compete the title, realizing real works of art.

Promoted by the FIPGC, International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate, the championship will take place in Host Milan, the International Exhibition of Professional Hospitality, that will be held at Fiera Milan from 20th to 24th October.

‘The first edition of the Championship was a great success, this year we are managing to make the event even more spectacular ‘“ tells us Roberto Lestani, the FIPGC President ‘“ there will be much more national teams, with many pastry chefs that will bring all their culture and their own passion in the art of pastry, ice cream and chocolate’.

To compete the World Trophy of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate and Cake Design there will be 40 nations, coming from five continents. Each national team will be made of 3 competitors, selected through hard local selections that were held in each country. The teams will each have their own coach, which will have the role of a captain and a coach. All the coaches will make up the jury that will evaluate all the creations of the pastry chefs and will proclaim the winning nation.

The first edition of the pastry championships was won by the Japanese team. Italy, who had a prestigious second place two years ago, must deal this year with national teams that in these years had grown an enormous vitality and creativity in pastry fields. Among them Japan, who won the last edition, but also Thailand, Peru, United States of America, Mexico and the national team of the United Arab Emirates of which we’ve been hearing so much about. Not to mention the top seeds such as France, Austria, Portugal and Germany.

The program of the 2017 World Championship of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate provides three tests: chocolate sculpture and pralines, sugar sculpture and modern cake, gum paste and ice cream portion. Each sculpture will be an edible art work. In the mean time there will be the World Championship of Cake Design in which the world champions of cake design will compete.


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